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Condoms come out in an assortment of forms. Virtually all have a reservoir crown whilst a few do feature a featureless crown. Condoms can embody an even moulded (with neat sides), form match (depressed beneath the head of the penis), or they could be flared out (broader across the head of the penis).

Condom Shapes, Styles and Colours

Ribbed condoms are textured with ribs or bulges, which can gain sensation for both partners. Condoms as well occur in an assortment of colourations.

It is up to you which pattern you prefer. Altogether the deviations in pattern are fashioned to accommodate diverse individual preferences and heighten delight. It's crucial to convey with your partner without doubt that you're using condoms that fulfill both of you.

A few condoms are flavoured to make oral sex more pleasurable. They're likewise safe to use for penetrating sex as long as they've been tested and approved.

Condom sizes

Condoms are created in diverse lengths and breadths, and other makers develop varied sizes.

There's no standardised length for condoms, although those created from natural rubber will additionally always stretch whenever required to accommodate the length of the gentleman's upright penis.

The breadth of a condom can likewise alter. A few condoms have a somewhat smaller breadth to generate a "snugger" fit, whereas others will be somewhat bigger. Condom manufacturers have recognised that diverse lengths and breadths are required and are progressively diversifying their array of sizes.

The brands will be varied in each country, so you'll need to do your own investigating of various names. There's no individual better make of condom.

When to use a condom

You want to use a fresh condom every time you've had sexual intercourse. Never utilise the same condom twice. Place the condom on subsequently when the penis is upright and prior to any contact being established between the penis and any portion of the partner's body.

Whenever you exit from anal intercourse to vaginal intercourse, you should look at changing the condom.

How to use a condom

Open up the condom packet at one corner being cautious not to rupture the condom with your fingernails, your teeth, or by being excessively harsh. Be sure the packet and condom look to be in good shape, and see that if there's an expiry date…….. that the date hasn't expired.

Position the rolled up condom over the crown of the erect penis, and whenever the condom doesn't feature a reservoir top, pinch the crown of the condom sufficiency to allow a 12 mm place for seminal fluid to accumulate. Whenever the man isn't circumcised, then draw back the foreskin prior to rolling on the condom.

Pinch the air out of the condom crown with one hand and unroll the condom over the penis with the opposite hand. Rolling the condom the whole way down to the base of the penis, and unwrinkled away any air bubbles. (Air bubbles could make a condom rupture.)

Whenever you would like to apply some additional lubrication, place it on the exterior of the condom. But always utilise a water-based lubricating substance (such as KY Jelly or Liquid Silk) on latex condoms, because an oil-based lubricant will induce the latex to rupture.

The man donning the condom does not always have to be the only one placing it on......... it may be quite a pleasant thing for his partner to practice.

Information About Condoms

Condoms have been around for over 400 years and are still one of the safest forms of contraception today. Condoms are placed on the man’s erect penis and applied correctly will block any semen from entering the sexual partner’s body.

Condoms will also help stop the transmission of sexual diseases such as HIV, gonorrhea and syphilis. Condoms are generally made of latex, but other materials are used. Female condoms are also being sold and are known as femidoms. Condoms being inexpensive make them one of the most popular methods of contraception and they have very few side-effects.

Believe it or not, but one of the oldest known forms of condom is still being used today and is made of lamb intestines, a lot dearer to buy than other varieties and is labeled “lambskin”, preferred for its warm, natural feel and less allergenic reactions. But be warned, due to the pores in the material there is more chance of sexually transmitted diseases being passed, compared to the latex variety.

It’s important to make sure the condom is placed on the erect penis correctly, if for some reason the condom is damaged before intercourse, it should be replaced immediately by a new one. Condoms come in a variety of sizes, but generally most standard size will fit.

Remember, nothing more unsightly than a used condom left for the general public to see, please dispose in a rubbish bin. Continual flushing down toilets is not a good idea as pipes have been known to get clogged, again best to dispose of in a rubbish bin.

This information is only intended as a educational guide and for more information please contact your doctor or family planning centre close to you.

We encourage safe sex at all times, make it exciting, use a fun condom! Don't get 'Gonnaherpasyphillaids'