Frequently Asked Questions: Sex Shop Australia

Below are some of our most frequent questions, soon we will be adding more FAQ into each page so it's a better user experience.

What do sex shops sell?

Sex Shops sell a broad range of products all related to acts of pleasure. Generally they can be divided into the following categories:

  • sex toys, vibrators, dildos and other toys
  • accessories like lubricant, condoms, cleaners etc
  • videos & dvds, from streaming services to dvds
  • lingerie, costumes and sexy clothing
  • novelties like games or hens night supplies

Sex shops also sometimes sell other products like herbal extracts, vapes and related items are are not strictly related to an adult store. Generally online sex shops specialise just in items you’d want for your sex life and the other items are best bought on other ecommerce websites!

What is the difference between an online sex shop and a ‘brick and mortar’ adult store?

Online sex shops and regular stores generally have different products and at much different price points. A regular ‘brick and mortar’ store will have less products available and at a much higher cost.

The advantage that an online adult shop has is that you can be discrete, take your time shopping and do much more in-depth research without fear of embarrassment. Online sex stores also have the added bonus of return shipping as they know all purchases aren’t perfect and that way you can return an item not to your liking or specification.

The regular sex store has the advantages of getting great advice from an expert, being able to shop and use the products etc instantly and also being able to visualise the products in real life.

Are online sex toy shops discreet?

Discretion is the biggest advantage of shopping online for sex toys. All adult shops know that you want your order being delivered without the postman or someone else finding out about your secret fetish for anal toys and bondage gear!

Packaging and company names are discreet as is your privacy and data.

Can you get a dick pump from a sex shop?

Cock pumps are sold at all sex shops! Different sizes are available for different dicks. So if you’re shopping online for a cock pump then you’ll need to measure your old fella, or your partners cock and find out how big or small it is. Then research the best model available for your budget and buy it. If you’re too shy, then buy a pump online and get it delivered, you’ll save money too and you can always take advantage of the returns policy if you get it wrong!

Do sex shops sell fleshlight?

All good sex shops sell fleshlights, they are a very popular sex toy for men. There are many different models in differing sizes and types to match your needs, so don’t be afraid to try something new and buy one online today.

Do you need ID for sex shops?

Sex shops in Australia are regulated and not for minors, you need to be over the age of 18 to enter the premises. For more information check out the Wikipedia sex shop page.