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A large range of rabbit vibraters for sale online.

In addition to the Ivibe rabbit harness and suction cup rabbit ivibe's below we also stock a range of regular ivibes. Please click the image to your right, to buy an iVibe Rabbit Vibrator at the best price.

There is a great range to choose from, remember when buying a rabbit vibrator, it's always best to look for a quality model with long lasting, low allergy latex, a quality motor and battery life.

Failure to buy the right rabbit vibrator can result in a lot of lost pleasure and you may never know what you are missing out on!

We thouroughly recommend iVibe Rabbit Vibes as they really take the punishment that only something that give this much pleasure should. Suffice to say I really enjoyed trying this one out, I was expecially impressed with the settings.

And that's yet another point to consider, some like hard pressure and vibrating, other soft, yet like the rotation. Each to their own, but these are all important considerations for selecting which iVibe Rabbit Vibrator to purchase.

Waterproof Vibrator - iVibe Rabbit Water Proof

Winner of The People's Choice Awards 2008!

Out with the old and in with the new! - Introducing the new and improved WATERPROOF iVibe Rabbit. Considered the “Rolls Royce” of vibrators, the iVibe Rabbit can now be enjoyed in the bedroom or under water! The sophisticated and updated control system with advanced I.C. chip technology allows you perfect and precise control of your pleasure, whilst providing watertight protection.

This high-tech love toy offers a whole range of sensations - the soft, rotating pearl-bead filled shaft measures 18cm (6") with a 13cm (5") maximum circumference. The shaft vibrates, rotates and swirls, while the clitoral tickler, which measures at 9cm or 3", vibrates and pulsates. The realistically sculpted jelly head swivels from side to side and back and forth. The ON/OFF buttons serve as your own personal power tools – press ON to increase speed or OFF to decrease.

ivibe rabbit harness

strap yourself on and prepare for a hare-raising experience with the newest addition to the ivibe rabbit range – the ivibe rabbit harness! the smart team at doctor johnson have out done themselves…again! this high-tech love sex toy offers a whole range of sensations - the soft pearl-bead filled shaft vibrates, rotates and reverses while the clit tickler vibrates, pulsates and accelerates as the contoured jelly head swivels from side to side and back and forth. the shaft clicks into the control base with one hand rotation and the comfortable, fully adjustable straps tie to the base. with up to 50 functions and infinite possibilities make sure you are strapped in tight!. Price: $179.95

ivibe suction cup rabbit vibrator

doc johnson does it again! the worldwide best selling ivibe rabbit now sports its very own suction cup - place the rabbit on any smooth surface for hands-free enjoyment! the convenient suction cup holds amazingly tight and has a release tab for easy removal from any surface. this smart new release is also compatible with the ivibe egg so you can use the various functions of the egg in conjunction with the versatile suction cup. wow what a toy…now hop on it!!!. Price: $99.95