Lube to get you slippin and slidin...

Non Stick Lubricants

Silicone lubes, in general, don't tend to get sticky as they dry out and a lot of people like to use them because they are quite slippery and are often a little thicker (which is good for anal sex). but you'll have to use soap and water to wash it off when you are done. you also will not want to use it with your silicone toys because it will melt the toys (though you can protect them with a condom, since this lube is condom safe). While k-y and a number of other water-based lubes do tend to get unpleasantly sticky when they start to dry out, there are many brands that don't have this problem.
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Can't decide? you could just get a sample pack with a variety of lubes to help you pick out the several that is best for you. Maximus and liquid silk are made by the same company and are both great water-based, non-sticky lubes. I prefer to use maximus, because it is clear so I feel less like I am using hand lotion as a lube, but that's just my wackiness.]. I'm so glad that you wrote in, vaginal dryness is a problem for many ladies and can happen for many different reasonds: medication, menopause, etc. Being non-water-soluble means that silicone lubes will work well when you want to have porn in and around water, like in the shower or in a swimming pool.

There are also a few water-based lubes that don't get sticky either (water-based = easier to clean up). just a friendly reminder: don't use an oil based lube with like baby oil or vaseline with it will corrode your condoms and give you vaginal infections.]. I hope that helps, and i'm sure you will be back to slipping and sliding in the bedroom (and living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, shower, etc) in no time!