Male Blow Up Dolls, Inflatable Realistic Vibrating Love Dolls

Male sex dolls for women come in all shapes and sizes, with vibrating detachable penis's and multi speed settings, these inflatable blow up dolls will have you screaming in no time. Realistic printed faces and amazing cocks, we offer the best prices avalable anywhere, we welcome you to compare. It's also a great idea if you grab some lubricant from our Sex Shop.

Love Dolls For Women (or Gay Men)

John Holmes Blow Up Doll

Extra large vibrating cock that is multi speed. This realistic Love Doll uses 2AA batteries and has two entry points, the anus and mouth. John Holmes blowup doll has a realistic face, printed hair and is ready and waiting always

Black Jack Love Doll With 11" Vibrating Penis

Black Jack is a black inflatable male love doll made of high quality pvc vinyl with a giant vibrating detachable penis. Once you go this black, you'll never go back!