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Ben Wa Balls

If I try ben wa balls again, I would want something like this or something squishy and smooth like the lover's pleasure balls.

I originally chose these balls because they have cute little jelly nodules and I thought that they would feel really cute when I used them. the balls are weighted, so that I could experiment with the rolling of the weights, which is supposed to be the main attraction of ben wa balls. they also are attached together with a string (so I couldn't lose several inside me with phiew).

My order came with a free sex dvd so I decided to check that out on the same night that I tested the pleasure balls. (remember the problem I had the first time I tried the dilwood?).

What Princess Sex Toy liked:I did like how the nodules felt on the outside of my vulva, they were pleasantly stimulating, on the outside. I also was very glad that the balls had not only a string attaching the a couple together, but also a loop at several end so that I could get them back out!.

This jigger would be great for: well, I don't really feel like I can recommend this particular pleasure ball set to others, because I found the nodules unpleasant during insertion and removal (though they felt pretty good externally). But a chick who is less sensitive than I might still enjoy these pink pleasure balls .
Product review with spikey pink balls.

Once I had the balls fully inserted, I tried walking and moving around to experiment with the weights. unfortunately I couldn't really feel the weights, so that was another disappointment.

What Princess Sex Toy didn't like: I did not like how the nodules felt when it came time to slide the balls in and out. it found it bordering on painful, but stuck it out so that I could properly test the jigger (you see what I do for you?!). once I had pushed the balls past my tighter opening, I didn't feel the nodules anymore which was both a relief and a bit of a disappointment because they didn't really do anything on the inside.

After writing this (fantastic) guide to ben wa balls, I decided that I had to try them out for myself, so I ordered a set of the pink pleasure balls from lovedreamer.

Flesh Light

I also found clean up to be quite easy ∆ remove the insert, wash with water. the inserts will wear over time, but you can also buy them separately to give yourself a new feel every now and then.

However, the hard plastic case can take a serious pounding, and insertion between mattresses, etc. so the bulk adds to the durability.

I now have to see if I can use it at all with a bullet vibe in the bottom of the case, and/or in combination with some of my other toys, but you'll have to look for further adventures about that back on my own site.

The well-detailed insert is very pliable so that you can actually go deep inside the toy, unlike some other pussy-formed toys for boys where the pussy lips are so rigid that you actually never feel like you are "all the way in." feel free to hammer away with the fleshlight, it can take you deep and hard.Fleshlights have a great reputation and just looking at them makes me wish that I had a penis to try several with with but, since I don't have my own penis, i'm very glad that lou let me "borrow" his for this review.
What Princess Sex Toy liked:the fleshlight bills itself as "recreating the velvety texture" of a teenage woman's vagina. after lubing myself and the jigger up (water-based lube only with the fleshlight), and spreading the lube around the insides, I was very impressed with the way that the insert stretched to accommodate and surround my cock, as well as the way it felt as I pushed into it.

This is a great jigger for: any hot stud looking for a good sleeve-type jigger to use on his own or with a partner. the ability to purchase different sensations, different opening styles, etc. certainly gives you some great options.
Lou, of unfetteredcravings gets triple Princess points.

My jigger collection, which has grown substantially now beyond the few reviews that I have posted on my own site, was in need of something new.

I heard many speak of the wonders of "the fleshlight" and I decided that this would be my new purchase. and then I recalled that the amazing and cute Princess had a link to purchase several through her own site. so, if I was going to purchase several why not let a fellow Fucker benefit? I decided to support my local Princess, and purchase through her site.

The word on the street is that the fleshlight is a great stamina-building device, and i'm inclined to believe that based on the few test runs I have given it thus far.

The beauty of the fleshlight site is that you can customize your jigger ∆ opening (pussy lips called "lady", mouth, butt, and the non-descript "insert your quarter here" opening), color and the interior sensation. I selected a lady, pink, with the "wonder wave" sensation, billed as the "next best thing to being there.".

But several of the best features of the fleshlight is that you can remove the insert and immerse it in hot-water for 5-10 minutes, and that actually heats up the insert. though lube will cool it down a bit, I must to tell you that the warm sensation was absolutely amazing, and resulted in a very intense explosion. I tried it again heated up the next day just to confirm, and the result was another really intense orgasm.

It arrived about 4 business days later, in the standard brown cardboard box. it resembled a shipment of gourmet coffee smaller than a shoebox.

The sensations were very pleasurable.. the base of the plastic case also unscrews, which allows you to actually adjust the amount of suction your dick feels on the backstroke. lots of options there to add to the pleasure.

I give the fleshlight a 9 out of 10. i'm very impressed, and the fleshlight has already easily outperformed a vibrating pussy I previously owned.

It arrived in a couple pieces ∆ the hard silvery plastic case, and the incredibly soft, very well detailed, pink insert. piecing it together was literally just opening the packaging around the insert, and putting it into the plastic case.