Tranny Blow Up Dolls, Inflatable Love Dolls

These chicks with dicks will get your motor racing, made from only the finest products, our blow up dolls are so realistic you'll be amazed. Featuring up to two holes to fuck, these beautifully life like love dolls are available with detachable cocks. With vibrating dongs, these bad trannies will have you coming back from more of their multi speed vibes!! You should also pick yourself up some lube.

Transexual/Transvestite Inflatable Dolls

Petra Flerta Transexual Love Doll

9cm/7.5 inch detachable penis, large breasts + anus, sexy garter, mouth to insert into, feminine facal features

Foxy Angel Transsexual Doll

(pre-op) fishnets and garters, beautiful printed realistic face, veined vibrating cock (removable) and firm boobs