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A large range of rabbit vibrators for sale online. We regularily review the latest rabbit vibrators and let you know what to buy and why.

When buying a rabbit vibe it's very important to consider the appropriate size (do you like them big?), the style (suction cup, double, harness, regular), what settings (rotating? balls inside? vibration modes?).

What material (soft, medium, hard, jelly), how you are planning to use it? (waterproof? mini? suction cup?) as well as other important considerations such as reviews, battery and motor life and also some tips for using a rabbit vibrator.

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Whether you like your vibes rotating, pulsing, small, large, handheld, waterproof, double, butterfly, it's all on rabbit vibrator.

Decadent Indulgence 3 Rabbit Vibrator

Experience ultimate orgasm with the Decadent Indulgence three! Not only does the vibraters shaft rotate but it also has five programs of escalation and pulsation. The clitoris stimulator is equipped with tri-point arousal that stimulates and teases with three escalation patterns, each with 10 thresholds. Put all this together and it equals over three hundred functions of pure luxury!

Overwhelmed by the selection of vibraters on offer? View our vibrator guide for assistance!

Future Tech Rabbit Vibe

This rabbit vibe is out of this galaxy! The Future Tech Rabbit boasts an vibrating, ultra soft jelly tip head that is smooth and realistically shaped for max enjoy! The rotating shaft contains 6 rows of three metal beads that spin with brand new technology, continuously at 6 different functions. The ultra power rabbit clit stimulator vibrates in 7 chaning modes that pulsate, oscillate and escalate whenever you choose! The LED indicator lights let you know what speed and setting you are in when the lights are out, plus the ON/OFF buttons glow so you can turn the Future Tech Rabbit Vibrator on or off in the heat of the moment!

water gems bunny rabbit vibrator

100% waterproof and designed to provide power-packed vibrations and rotation, the water gems bunny features a shaft with rotating pearl beads, softly beaded head, deep excitment ridgesand an auto-reverse rotating action and a separate flickering ‘bunny ears” clit stimulator for on-the-spot pleasures. Price: $109.95

rabbit collection double bunny vibe

two bunnies are twice as nice…but the double bunny delivers a trio of fabulous sensations! the smooth jelly shaft is filled with rotating excitment beads that to deliver intense vaginal satisfaction, whilst two vibrating bunny ‘ticklers’ deliver exquisite clit and anal sensations. switch on the power, and both the shaft and bunnies light up in a dazzling multi-coloured light display. very cool!. Price: $184.95

rabbit collection clit critter

this great vibe features a multi-speed and multi-directional swinging shaft filled with rotating beads and an infinitely vibrating and pulsating clit stimulating ‘critter’. the easy-reach push-buttons let you control the rotation and speed of the shaft, and the intensity, pattern and rhythm of the critter. switch on the power, and the shaft and bunnies light up in a dazzling multi-coloured light display!. Price: $149.95

Sue johanson's royal rabbit vibrator

the gorgeous purple royal rabbit features a softly shaped, totally flexible shaft with a generously bulbous tip, a ridged and bumpy texture and a bunny-shaped clit nuzzler. slender enough to delight the most delicate places and totally waterproof – so you can use it in or out of the water - the royal rabbit delivers seven hypersonic functions all at the easy push of a button. Price: $74.95

the pearl rabbit vibrator

it squirms, it vibrates and boy does it burrow! this hot pink rabbit is the only pet you'll ever need - with multi-speed vibrations, dancing pearls and intense rabbit clit stimulator, this pleasure bunny will have you coming again and again.

We also accept reviews, so please send them in and we'll give you your very own rabbit vibe review section! We value your opinion, especially on specific models and brands, such as the iVibe Rabbit Vibrator, or the Jack Rabbit Vibe.

Supersex rabbit vibe

The srv has got a lot of features: it's got a firm but not hard shafty bit with a nice mushroom head, it's got rotating beads near the bottom of the shaft, and it's got the famous rabbit clit stimulator (hence the name of this vibe). the controls are easy to figure out and even easier to use with several dial controls the speed at which the shaft and beads rotate, the other dial controls the vibration speed of the bunny, and there's a button that changes the direction of the shaft and bead rotation.

People think of the rabbit vibe as the ultimate phallic vibrator with it's big, it's powerful, it's cute, and it looks really cool. it's famous too! people talk about it all the time, it's been on television shows (like porn in the city); it's several of the most well known types of porn vibrator out there.

Now let's break things down: this rabbit vibe is a good quality toy, it's really cute, the shaft features didn't really do much for me, but the bunny was amazing with i'm going to have to give the tara cox supersex rabbitvibe a 7 out of 10.

What Princess Sex Toy didn't like: at first I really didn't like the shaft rotation, it kinda freaked me out and didn't feel that great, but it didn't really bother me as much the second time I tried out the vibe with it felt kinda interesting. also, while this isn't necessarily something I didn't like, the rotating beads just didn't do much for me with I couldn't really feel them.

What Princess Sex Toy liked:oh, you mean, besides the bunny's cuteness and the shaft smiley face? well, as I said, I loved how easy it was to control. i've seen other rabbit vibes that just looked impossible to figure out with so many buttons and switches with but this several was a dream. the rabbit's vibrating-ness was also great. I have to admit that once I turned him on I didn't really notice much else about this vibe.

But even with all these features, it was the friendly smiley mouth on the underside of the shaft, right under the head, that made me feel better. so, I popped in 4 double a's and took this baby for a spin.

When the good folks over at lovehoney sent me the tracey cox supersex rabbitvibe, I have to admit that I was a little intimidated with I opened the box and it just looked huge! it took me a little while to work up the courage to give it a try. I had to take some time to examine it and to get used to the idea.

1. because of the good-sized shaft and head, I recommend being well ready and aroused before you slip this vibrator inside you. 2. watch out for the bunny if you're using fresh batteries, the vibrations can be pretty intense, even on the lowest setting.

This vibrator would be great for: someone who wants to have something inside them while they come from clitoral stimulation with it would be fun to use alone ( it's pretty quiet), but you might also want to use this with a partner; having them use it on you or you using it on them, since the controls work the same way upsidedown. besides that, there's all kinds of fun things you can do with a rabbit: practice blow-job technique, masturbate vaginally, masturbate anally, experiment with double penetration, etc.

Mini Mite Vibrator

This would be a great Vibrator to take on vacation because it's small, but packs a punch with strong vibrations, waterproofing, and a variety of heads to chose from.

What I liked: at first I thought that having many different heads was a silly idea, but after thinking about and playing with it i've decided that it's a really fun and smart idea. having many different massage heads with names telling you where you use them really encourages you to try the vibe out on different parts of your body, instead of sticking to your known sexy spot(s).

I also liked how easy it was to change the massage heads, even with wet hands. I sampled all of the heads and while each a was interesting, I found that the clit head was the best all around head for... well, everything. my friend also enjoyed testing this Vibrator with he sampled the different heads too and agrees that the clit head is the best a.
Check out my review of the pocket rocket, a similar toy, here.

I thought that this was a very fun Vibrator and although I didn't think the other heads were that wonderful, it was nice to be given the option with thus the mini mite Vibrator gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me.

Fun tip: try pressing the vibe behind his balls to turn your lover into a human vibrator!.

My first vibe ever was a little hard pink plastic pointy thing (see-through so I could see the motor); I had gotten it from a friend who felt that I should have a since I was away at university. to be honest, I think I used it once and didn't like it so it ended up as a pretty paper weight on my desk.

But despite my not-so-great first experiences, I was pretty excited to see my mini mite arrive in the mail.
What I didn't like: at first I really didn't like how the whole contraption vibrates because it was making my hand numb, but after a while (and a few more trials) I found that I didn't notice it bothering me anymore. I also found it a little hard to vary the speed, which isn't a big deal, but hey, you asked.

I got my mini mite Vibrator from intimate gifts. I was really excited to play with it because it comes with many different massage heads, each meant for a different type of stimulation.

This Vibrator would be great for: someone looking to spice up their masturbation and couples who want to play. this is a great compact Vibrator for first timers because it gives you a lot of versatility so you can really explore and find new ways to stimulate yourself and/or your partner. it's also non-phallic which can be an important freature for many people.

I made sure to try each head in turn to find out which a I liked the best. I tried the nipple enlarger first, then the anal exciter, finishing up with the clitoris stimulator. not having a penis, I later loaned the Vibrator to a friend so that he could try the penis arouser head.

The mini mite is a powerful little vibe, which is great because it was really easily to maneuver and focus the powerful vibrations right where I wanted them. the waterproof-ness was also a great feature because playing in the shower (or tub) where you're warm and slippery and soapy is a lot of fun (especially as the weather gets colder up here).

The whole thing is about 12 cm( 5 inches) long, so it's pretty compact and it's waterproof with making it shower and sexy tub friendly. it's pretty similar in design to the pocket rocket massager, but with the many differences that I just mentioned: it's waterproof and it's got those 4 different heads.

I Buzz Mini vibe

This viber would be great for: well, this viber is fun for anyone with singles or couples with who is/are looking for something a little different to play with. the music activated vibrations are definitely an experience and it's definitely fun to play with a partner: seeing who can guess the song playing without looking at or hearing it, exploring different playlists, etc with which makes it an excellent viber for foreplay. but it's also really fun to play with by yourself, especially if you want to just shove it in your knickers or strap it to your dick while you surf for sex and listen to music, or whatever.

We also realized that the ibuzz doesn't have to be plugged into an mp3 player with you can plug it into a cd player, your computer with heck anything with the right audio port. we ended up plugging it into my laptop so that we could turn the music up more (which also amps up the vibrations) and so that we didn't have to worry about the ear buds popping out and getting in the way.

What Princess Sex Toy liked:it's definitely a very novel viber and I had a lot of fun going through my playlists trying to figure out which songs would be the vibrating-est*. in fact, hours later when I was listening to a cd in the car, I started wondering about what the song I was listening to would feel like with the ibuzz with a porn viber that makes you think about it even when you are satisfied and doing something else with yikes!

There are a lot of really cool ipod accessories on the market, and several of the very coolest is the ibuzz music activated vibrator. I got mine from the cute people over at lovehoney.
Hey mama with ebony eyed peas.

What we didn't like: as you can see from the picture at the top of this page, there are a lot of wires involved in using this viber with an ipod. this wasn't really a problem for single play, but when there are a couple of you both trying to listen to the music or both trying to take advantage of the vibrating cockring, it's more trouble than I usually like to deal with when i'm trying to have sex; this would be better as a wireless viber. (would it be weird to put bluetooth in a porn toy?). however, once we plugged it into my computer it was much less trouble.

Even though I only gave it a 7, this viber will not be ending up at the bottom of my viber drawer!.

The ibuzz comes with a splitter than you plug into the audio port in your ipod; the splitter has a couple ports: several for your earphones and several for the ibuzz controller. the controller has buttons for turning the vibrations on and off and for selecting the kind of vibrations that you want to experience (there are a variety different vibration settings, besides the music activated one). from the controller a wire goes out to the vibrating bullet with which comes with a couple different jelly sleeves: several with little nubs and several with a dick ring.
Product review with ibuzz.

The 7 different vibrating settings were also a lot of fun to play with and would be more useful for someone who wanted to actually come from playing with this viber.

What he liked: he loved how the vibrating bullet felt when he was wearing the cockring and we decided that this would definitely make for a fun masturbatory aid with you could theoretically be able to feel your sex while you watch it on your computer!!.

The nubby jelly sleeve was funny because there are longer nubs on the end that wiggle when the bullet is vibrating with funny until I started using it, after that I was too distracted to think about it! the cockring sleeve was also really cool, until we broke it with make sure you get spares! And anything by sneaker pimps. Swing swing with all american rejects.

The ibuzz music (and non-music) activated vibrating bullet gets itself a 7 out of 10. it lost points for having so many wires (i fully admit that I am biased towards wireless mini vibes) and to a certain extent for being a little bit more of a novelty. but it was definitely still fun to play with and those other powerful vibration settings will save the day for serious orgasm seekers.

Another thing, as I mentioned above, unless you're really into it and/or have found some really good, vibrating-y, tracks, the music activated vibrations are more novel than orgasm inducing with but there are those a variety other differently intense vibration settings.

tracey cox supersex pleasure vibrator

What Princess Sex Toy didn't like: I didn't find that the vibrations were very powerful with it felt nice, but didn't quite have enough "omph" for me.

So it was nice to touch, quiet, but what about power? it takes a aa battery, just like the mini mite, and changes vibration speeds by twisting the base. just to be sure of my rating, I tested the vibrator on myself and then passed it over to a man friend to hear what he thought about it too.

The first thing that struck me about this vibe was how soft and smooth it felt to touch, it wasn't hard and cold like other plastic vibes. I also tested it for quietness and it did pretty well, definitely a good buy if you need something that won't wake up a roommate or the kiddies.

This vibrator would be great for: actually, I think this vibrator would be great for boys to consider getting for themselves with my friend did enjoy more than me. fellas, this vibrator might be just the thing to amp up your single time. and with it's rounded point, it's easy to stimulate the prostate by pressing this vibe on your perineum (the space between your balls and your anus). this could also be a good vibe for couples because the a couple of you could get a lot of enjoyment out of this during foreplay; even if it doesn't make her cum, it will still feel good to play with.
Product review with supersex pleasure vibe.

What Princess Sex Toy liked:as I said above, I loved how soft the vibe felt to touch with it was so soft that I could rub it over my skin without sticking! I also liked the package that the vibe came in, because it was reusable for storage. this vibe was also easy to use and rolled nicely over my sensitive bits when I used it on it's side. The wonderful people over at lovehoney sent me a package of goodies a number of weeks ago, but I haven't had any time to start writing up my reviews of them until now, so I hope they will forgive me.

I seem to be testing a lot of tiny vibrators lately, which is probably a good thing because it's easier to judge a porn vibrator when you have a bigger basis for comparison and i'm getting a better and better idea of what kinds of things I like in a vibe.

What he liked: he also loved how soft this vibe was with it was so soft that he could use it all over his member without lube! and because it is designed so that it's easy to use lengthwise, he found that it was a lot more fun for him than mini vibes designed like the pocket rocket.

Although the tracey cox supersex pleasure vibe didn't have enough power for me, my friend thought that it was great. it was quiet, as promised, and the soft feel was very pleasant. it's a tough call but i'm going to give this vibe a a variety out of ten.

Since, as I said above, i've been testing a few different tiny vibes lately, I decided to try out the tracey cox supersex pleasure vibe first. tracey cox is a uk tv sexpert who writes popular books, has appeared on television programs in the uk and us, and has now developed a line of pink porn toys with lovehoney.